The “designreport” was a task at the Lette-Verein in the 2nd semester. It was about to visualize the 2nd semester of the subject “design theory“ in a printed ... thing. Every lesson was to be presented as a page of its own. i decided to go for a film-noir-comic-look. I did 3 booklets in DIN A5 with 8 sites each. You can unfold each booklet to a poster in DIN A2, with a special folding-and-cutting-technique.

Design Report Seite1

1st booklet, front and back
Selfportrait. In reminescence of a journalist in a film-noir theme.

1st booklet, 2nd double page
“Open day”, a lot of balloons to be blown up.

1st booklet, 3rd double page
Coumunication statistcs and the “Janus”, the roman god of beginnings and transitions.

1st booklet, 4th double page
mission briefing.

2nd booklet, front and back cover
Film-noir-Cover and a protrait of my teacher and director

2nd booklet, 2nd double page
portraits of famous philosophers.

2nd booklet, 3rd double page
more portraits of famous philosophers.

2nd booklet, 3rd double page
My teacher told a story from her life...

3rd booklet, 2nd double page
Mass communications and mass media

1st booklet, poster
booklet: DIN A5, Poster: DIN A2

1st booklet, poster

© Marc Müller 2013